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Revive Radio St. Helena Day

ZD7 is an old friend for amateur radio operators, but St. Helena is near the top of the "Most Wanted" list for many shortwave radio listeners. Radio St. Helena has a medium wave transmitter and, during the 1990's, "borrowed" a shortwave transmitter one day per year for the now famous "Radio St. Helena Day" broadcasts. These were, probably, the world's first international, multi-media (telephone, fax, email), listener interactive (in real time) shortwave programs. The RSH QSL card is now a treasured item in the collections of many SWL's around the world. In late 1999, this all came to a halt, and the transmitter and antenna were scrapped.
Our new project is to try to put RSH and, therefore, the entire country of St. Helena back on the air on shortwaves. The Board of Directors and all connected with or friends of RSH are behind this idea, but the entire project must be funded privately by sponsors and through donations.
A few of the SWL's and Radio Clubs supporting this project come from: the UK, USA, Denmark, Germany, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, South Africa, Canada, Spain, Holland, Italy, Russia, Chile, and Brazil; and include Adventisit World Radio and Radio Havana Cuba.
The revival of these programs would spread the word of this wonderful and historic island and lead to increased commerce, trade, and tourism for St. Helena. It may also be possible to actively support amateur radio in the St. Helena schools and, perhaps, to set up an amateur radio club station.
This may be the first time ever that radio friends have actually helped to build "their own" shortwave radio station. To give St. Helena and the "Saints" their international voice back, we will need a considerable amount of international help. We have set up bank accounts in Germany, USA, the UK, and Japan for donations, and we thank you one and all, in advance, for your contributions.
For donations in EURO's, please use:
Account name: Radio St. Helena Fund Kipp
Account number: 0360304070
Bank: Commerzbank , Langen, Germany
Bank Sorting Code (BLZ): 50840005
IBAN: DE45 5084 0005 0360 3040 70
If you transfer money from a non-Euro country, please add the extra costs for the
conversion of your currency into Euro's. Thank-you.

For donations in Pounds Sterling, please use:
Account name: Martyn Phillips, G3RFX
Account number: 60613487
Bank: Barclays Bank , Bristol , England
Bank Sorting Code: 20 – 13 – 34
Note: If donating by cheque, please send the cheque directly to:
Martyn Phillips, G3RFX, 17 Richmond Hill, Clifton, Bristol, BS8 1BA , England
For donations in USA Dollars by check, cash, or money order:
Please make money orders payable to: Radio St. Helena Fund
Please send your check, cash, or money order directly to:
Richard A. D'Angelo
c/o Radio St. Helena Fund
2216 Burkey Drive
Wyomissing, PA
19610 , U.S.A.
For donations in JAPAN YEN by check, cash, or money order:
Please contact Mr. Toshimichi OHTAKE , Japan Short Wave Club

We are also hoping for the donation of two transceivers such as the Yaesu FT-757GXII. For equipment donations, please contact me by email.
With sincere best wishes,
Robert Kipp DJ 0 PU
Special Assistant to the Station Manager of Radio St. Helena

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