TOP NEWS ==== ZCZC TIPS 567 14/3 18.10 R.N.E. R.5 - Murcia SS NX reg. Comun. Murciana buono 585 15/3 18.10 R.N.E. R.1 - Madrid SS NX reg. Comun. Madrid buono 1035 12/3 22.30 Northsound 2 - Aberdeen EE MX suff. 1107 13/3 18.10 R.N.E. R.5 - Logroño SS NX reg. La Rioja buono 1116 12/3 22.58 R. Albacete - SS ID e pubblicità locale buono 1152 12/3 18.10 R.N.E. R.5 - Zamora SS NX reg. Castilla y Leon suff. 1287 12/3 18.00 R. Lleida - Catalano NX reg. Catalunya buono 1305 16/3 18.10 R.N.E. R.5 - Ciudad Real SS NX reg. Castilla La Mancha buono 1350 12/3 22.45 R. Boa Vontade - Salvador PP predica suff. 1377 12/3 22.35 CNR 1 - Xingyang Cinese talk suff. 1476 17/3 10.20 R. Briscola - IT Media & Tech by Roberto Scaglione suff. 1548 14/3 23.30 Gold - Londra EE ID e MX buono 1640 12/3 21.20 R. Bluebird - Dutch ID e MX buono 3320 17/3 04.15 R. Sonder Grense - Meyerton Afrikaans MX suff. 488517/3 04.20 R. Clube do Parà - Belem PP MX buono 5845 14/3 19.30 IBC - IT Intervista buono 5910 17/3 04.25 R. Alcaravan - Puerto Lleras SS MX suff. 5985 18/3 00.00 Myanmar R. - Yangon Birmano talk suff. 6150 11/3 13.15 R. Marabu - info@ Tedesco ID e MX buono 6240 11/3 17.40 R. Stove Farmer - EE ID e MX buono 6241.5 17/3 17.15 Time R. - EE ID e MX buono 6255 17/3 17.30 Trance AM - EE ID e MX buono 6260 18/3 09.30 R. Quintus - EE ID e MX buono 7120 15/3 17.40 R. Hargeisa - Somalo MX buono 9610 18/3 10.00 AWR - Firenze IT Obiettivo DX by Roberto Scaglione ottimo 9650 18/3 09.50 R. Guinee - Conakry FF MX afro buono 9893 11/3 13.35 Voice of Tibet - Tibetano talk suff. 9950 11/3 13.45 TWR India - Chennai Kurukh ID e predica buono 11855 12/3 21.15 R. Aparecida - PP NX buono 15505 11/3 14.00 Bangladesh Betar - Dhaka Urdu ID e NX buono 15550 17/3 04.30 R. Dabanga - Darfuri ID buono NNNN ----



It's now 2343UTC and no sign of RSH here in Memphis, TN. Checked with fellowDXer Brandon Jordan also here in Memphis and he reports same results. Isfreq. above MUF? Still hoping to pull them out at some point during theirNAm transmission.Jim PogueMemphis, Tennessee USA

Saludos amigos y colegas:Escuchada despues de varios años sin operaciones a Radio S. Helena.Hace un momento esta emitiendo para Norteamerica y aqui mis detalles:Fecha: Nov 4, 2006TIME: 23:30 - 2355 UTCFrecuencia: 11092,5 KHz USBSeñal: De regular a buena. SIO 353Idioma: InglesDetalles: ID, varios anuncios sobre la emision especial, etc.73.Dino BloiseFLORIDA, EEUU.

Yeah !!! I got them also. Alot of QRN. Listened freom 2322-2350 UTC. I'm heading back to the shack to listen some more.73,Gil/WA1LADRhode IslandUSA

Costas wrote "At 2110 UTC I get best audio on 11092.4 but it is difficult tocopy properly, they use some strange speech processing." It is reasonably readable if you use a 1 kHz IF filter instead of a "normal"USB filter of about 3 kHz.Henrik

Ore 23.00 UTC, 11092,48 con R-5000 e semplice RF System DX-One, segnale sufficiente.

Alessandro Groppazzi, Trieste

At 21:34 4/11/2006 +0100, you wrote:> "RSH will transmit on 11092.5 KHz in Upper Side Band mode on Saturday, 04.> November 2006 at: At 2110 UTC I get best audio on 11092.4 but it is difficult to copy properly, they use some strange speech processing.Costas

have it currently 2105Z at S9-20 & decent audio in South Central Virginia.Mentioned report from JA1. I clearly heard him mention St Helena severaltimes around 2100ZUsing TS-850S & Racal 6790 with beverages & loops. Good signal consideringit is for Japan!ChrisBuggs Island, Kerr Dam Virginia

Hi,same over here: Music OK, spoken word almost unreadableAt 2059 you can't hurry love - great song :-)I think, right now, he's reading emails from Japan or so.73and good listening Alex Austria

jejejeje saludos cordiales Dario, yo se que es asi, no te preocupes, que todos cometemos errores, era por si acaso nada mas jejejeje.
Recibe un fuerte abrzo mi querido amigo.
Por aqui en barcelona, Venezuela, no he logrado captar nada.
José Elías

Heard also that music here in Portugal.Carlos, CT1GFQ

My listening went from 1839 to 1945. It was QRK 3 at best, improving to the end. Got most of the mx titles to write the RR. They played several from The Beatles. Only problem the local TV set was on and very near my listening post, since wife hooked in on a movie. And the Degen received moderate QRN from it in this part of the spectrum. Signal went down past 2000.Look forward to the QSL. They never verified my 1997 report. Also recorded some mp3 tracks with my Creative Zen Nano, nice piece of mp3 recorder.73 Horacio Nigro Uruguay

Radio St. Helena currently S9 to 9+20 (on PROCOMM yacht whip; S5 to S9 onWellbrook ALA1530 pointing in the right direction) here in Copenhagen,Denmark. However, spoken audio is hard to copy because of echo and a strangehollow sound, though music sounds fine considering it is on USB. I hopespoken audio gets better when TX to Europe starts.

Bueno Joselito..... tienes razon....pero fues un lapsus freudiano ..... de Giampiero.....lllaro que es 11092,5 USB
ententaste oirla en tu lugar ???
Aca el programa dedicado a los ojentes Japoneses entra muy bien y llarito..... tambien en el viejo continente....
Buenos Dxs !

11902,5 Sant'Elena 4/11 1835 Talks and songsa Pescia sta arrivando rx RX321 + filare 30 mGiampiero
Giampiero Bernardini Milano, Italy

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