Dear Francesco:

These regional transmissions from RAI on medium waves are
interesting. Back in the 1950'ies I verified Bologna - they even sent
me the RAI Yearbook. Last year I made a concentrated effort for the
0620-0630 UTC transmissions and got QSLs from Liguria (Genova) 1575
kHz, Emilia-Romagna, Rimini transmitter 999 kHz from Bologna, and
Puglia, Squinzano transmitter 1449 kHz from Bari. Lombardia-Milano
900 kHz never replied. It was very tough to distinguish which of the
transmitters of perhaps three I heard on a frequency, but I was
successful. It took me several days of listening to each of the
stations to get details for a report!
I have not heard the Piemonte station you mention Francesco.
Tanti saluti dalla Svezia!
Ullmar SM5-1252

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