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KBC was founded in 1989 and started with audio productions. During that time, KBC received the American Top 40 each week, first hosted by Dj Casey Casem, followed by Shadoe Stevens. After some editing, this 4 hour American Radio Show was broadcasted on a legal Belgium Radio Station called 'FM 107'. In some way, the same program could be heard every saturday afternoon during the Dutch Broadcasts coming from the offshore station 'Radio Caroline', broadcasting from the MV 'Ross Revenge' and at several other landbased stations in the Benelux. The official name of this company is still 'KBC Productions', but today the name 'KBC Import/Export' is used. In the 70's and 80's, the name 'K-PO' and 'KBC' was used for FM, Shortwave and Mediumwave.... pirate Radio. The illegal broadcasts ended in the 80's, and in 1989, KBC started to sell CB-Products, with the end user as main target. From that moment, KBC delivered to gas stations, shops and wholesales in different countries. KBC registered the name 'K-PO' along with the slogan 'We want what you want'. It is registered internationally and displayed on all K-PO products. In 1996, the sale of CB-products to end users was cancelled, and from that moment on, KBC only sells goods to dealers. KBC supplies all products, from A to Z, to CB-users around the globe. Besides CB-Products, the selling of soft toys was started as a side business in 1996. This is also a fast growing activity of KBC. Also big companies have become aware of this, and are giving toys away for free during product promotions. All KBC employees are enthusiastic CB Freaks, and have been working in this branch for years. At KBC quality has priority number one, and with top import/export products, KBC is ready for the future...

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