I just wonder if Free Radio Service is the same as Mystery Radio we now hear on 6220 kHz - often very strong signals in Sweden. They are also based in Holland. I got their electronic QSL which is a very black card.... for the mystery, of course! Re IRIB I also got QSLs recently for four Medium Wave Channels - Radio Quran, Tehran City Radio, Radio Farhang and IRIB 1314 kHz together with a calendar (they sent me another calendar earlier) and a very interesting periodical about Islam. No religious demagogy but scientific level discussions. Also on the Calendar I notice they have red days, not Friday as you can expect but Saturday-Sunday. And last year's calendar was like coming from a Christian Sunday school instead of Moslem IRIB. Abraham, Jesus and Christian symbols galore! They try to show the things in common rather than differences, and that's nothing to blame them for...
Vy 73 from Sweden - tanti auguri Francesco!Ullmar

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