Dear friends,

Here are my latest loggings from Skovlunde where the spring now is clearly approaching!

All heard on the AOR AR7030PLUS with 28 metres of longwire.

3925 2110-2120 J 05-03 Nikkei R Broadcasting Co., Nagara, Tokyo Japanese talk, heard best in USB 25232 AP-DNK

H4050 2120-2215 GRC 05-03 Harmonic of UNID MW-station Greek ann, Greek folksongs 35333 AP-DNK

4775 *0015-0025 IND 08-03 AIR Imphal Vernacular talk, Indian song, heterodyne 23232 AP-DNK

4910 2110-2200 fade out AUS 09-03 VL8T ABC, Tennant Creek English talk, pop music, 2130 news e.g. from Brisbane, 2142 songs - early frequency shift that day 33333 heard // 4835 (QRM Mali) and 5025 (QRM Benin) AP-DNK

4940 *0000-0025 IND 08-03 AIR Guwahati Assamese (t) ann, Indian songs 35333 AP-DNK

N6300.05 1915-2235 CLA 07 & 08-03 National R of SADR, Rabouni, Algeria Arabic news, ID, comments about Sahara, songs 45444 Back on SW! AP-DNK

N6300.05 2345-2400* CLA 07-03 National R of SADR, Rabouni, Algeria Spanish speech about the Saharawi conflict and Moroccan Government, ending with: "Viva el pueblo Saharawi!", song, closing ann, ID, march 35444 AP-DNK

N6700 2125-0020 AFG 05,06 & 09-03 R Solh, Bagram Air Base (t) Pashto ann, Afghan songs 24212 improving to 25333 AP-DNK

7140 0525-0615 G 06-03 BBC, via Cyprus Arabic discussion, ID, BBC website, news 44444 heard // 6110, 7325, 9915 and 11820. This was not a Darfur Salaam programme as mentioned in WRTH 2007 on page 510! AP-DNK

7390 1415-1500* CLA 04-03 Open R for N. Korea, via Toshkent, Uzbekistan Korean talk mentioning Korea, piano, Korean and English lovesongs 35343 AP-DNK

7590 0435-0500* CLA 09-03 Voice of Mesopotamia, via Mayak, Moldova Kurdish reading of names, string music, mentioned phone number, news about Yugoslavia and Belgrad and Kurdistan, Kurdish song, listeners phoning in, ID. Is now on the air! 55555 AP-DNK

9290 0840-0900* LVA Sa 10-03 Latvia Today, via Ulbroka English talk about Amber, ID, produced by Radio SWH, Riga poor signal at start 25242, but at 0853 the power obviously was increased and SINPO raised to 55555! AP-DNK

9290 *0900-0940 LVA Sa 10-03 R City, via Ulbroka English ann by a hoarse male voice, pop songs like "Fire Brigade" and "Yellow Submarine", ID's 55555 AP-DNK

N15180 1625-1700* CLA Sa 10-03 R Saa, via unknown transmitter Hausa ann, African songs. New clandestine We and Sa
35343 AP-DNK

N15370 1720-1830* CUB 10-03 R Rebelde, Bauta Spanish ann, ID's, songs from Paraguay, 1800 news and reports, 1818 Cuban songs - new schedule 35343 heard // 17555 (25333) and 17735 (22332 heterodyne)

15390 1420-1430* CLA Tu 06-03 Southern Sudan Interactive R Instructions, via Armavir, Russia English language lesson 45444 AP-DNK

15445 0645-0700* CLA We 07-03 Southern Sudan Interactive R Instructions, via Dhabbaya, UAE English language lesson, song 15232 AP-DNK

15455 0720-0815* CLA Mo 05-03 R Mustaqbal, via Dhabbaya, UAE Somali talk with a few musical notes between items, songs from Horn of Africa, comment about Al Quaeda, closing ann 25333 AP-DNK

15476.06 1945-2025 fade out ATA Th 08-03 LRA36 R Nacional, Archangel San Gabriel, Base Esperanza Spanish ann, Argentine songs 25333 AP-DNK

17595 1715-1730* CLA 04-03 Darfur Salaam, via Ascension Arabic talk, ID mentioning Darfur and BBC 43444 heard // 9760 (33333)AP-DNK

Best 73,

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