You're listening to the Voice of Croatia, the very best of Croatian Radio, serving Croatian's abroad, Croatia's minority groups, and the international community.

The voice of Croatia is broadcast via satellite 24 hours a day.

For Europe South Africa and the Middle East on the HOTBIRD 6 Satellite at 13 degrees East.

For North America on the AMC 4 Satellite at 101 degrees West.

For central and South America on the NSS 806 Satellite at 40 point 5 degrees West.

For Australia and New Zealand on the Optus B3 Satellite at 152 degrees East.

On medium wave for Europe from 3 PM to 7:30 AM local time at 1134 kilohertz.

On Shortwave.

For South America from 7PM to 12 AM local time at 9925 kilohertz.

For North America, East coast, from 7PM to 11 PM local time at 9925 kilohertz.

For North America, West Coast, from 6 PM to 10 PM, also at 9925 kilohertz.

For New Zealand from 4PM to 7PM local time at 9470 kilohertz.

For Australia from 4PM to 8PM local time at 11 six ninety kilohertz.

And for Europe from 2PM to 10AM local time at 6165 kilohertz and from 10AM to 2PM at 9830 kilohertz.

The Voice of Croatia can also be heard via the internet at

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