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Hello Fransesco!
Many thanks for your audio reception report.I appreciate very much that and it was pleasant to know how well myprogramme has been heard in Anagni.The short history of Radio Blue House:I have been a DX-listener and a CB operator on 11 mb for a long time.As the CB operator I have made radio contacts to all continentals with 25 Watts.Some times ago I found the pirate stations on 48 mb.One of those pirate operators asked me to produce my ownprogramme which he can relay via his station in Holland.Radio Blue House has been several times on the air via relay stations andmade a few low power test transmissions from Finland.Our programmes were heard in Germany, Holland, Belgium, UK, Spain, Finland,Sweden, France, Czech Republic, Latvia, Spain, Ukraine, Switzerland, Italy and fourstates in the USA.I fond of Blues and Rock music and I have lots of such records, soit was a natural choice for playing that kind music in programmes.Hopefully you liked the music which I played.I hope you can hear us on the ether in the future.Your comments, reception reports and music requests are always very welcomedto our e-mail or snail mail box. Have a good DX and 73's from,Radio Blue House.a free blues and rock pirate radio station from Finland.
SRS-Germany Radio Blue HouseP.O.Box 10 11 45D-99801 Eisenach Germany

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