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Thanks Ivan – I’ve tried Registered mail before, but perhaps worth a tryagain. The address you provided is the one I used. I appreciate your advice.
73s, Jim
Jim, Did you try registered mail? Maybe your letters were "lost".What about the address? I received easily a QSL card from RWM during 2002. My reception report (in English) was sent to: Russian State Time and Frequency ServiceInstitute Of Metrology For Time And Space (IMVP)GP "VNIIFTRI"Moscow region Mendeleevo 141570 Russia.
Fellow UTE DXers,I have been trying on and off since 1988 to obtain a QSL from the RussianSTFS RWM, 14996 kHz, all to no avail. I have tried repeated letters to thestation, and asked for assistance from the U.S. Embassy in Moscow and theRussian Embassy in Washington, DC (neither of whom ever replied to myletters). Reports have been sent in both English and Russian.I might add that I am confident that I have written a professional andpolite report, and always included return postage in one form or another.The problem has not been on my end caused by a poorly written report,demanding or impolite language, etc.I wonder if any of our list members have an "in" with the people at thestation and could help me obtain a QSL? I have seen printed QSL cards issuedas recently as 2005, so I have to assume that they still QSL for somelisteners. Thanks for any assistance or advice anyone can offer.73s,

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