Very good, Francesco. I also heard the St. Brandon expedition 3B7C but on 7002 kHz CW tonight around 17 UTC. They were also active on 14022, 10106, 3502 and 1822 kHz and caused quite a pile-up. The signal on 7 MHz was quite acceptable on my little SONY and indoor vertical. Got 6-7 QSOs noted for a report without much trouble.

Vy 73 Ullmar SM5-1252

P.S. Francesco, a Thai SWL wrote to me after having read the interview with me you published. Originally published by a Dutch ham on his website, this interview (which was made with the initiative of our Israeli friend Eyran) has been published by the Swedish SSA (Radio Amateurs Association) and by my local ham radio club on their website! I had never expected such attention and do feel honoured.

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