Dear DX-friends,

Here is what I heard recently on my AOR AR7030PLUS with 28 m longwire here in Skovlunde, Denmark.

N3985 2320-0125 IRN 19/20-09 VOIRI, Kamalabad Farsi Extraordinary Ramadan programme of prayers, talk about Iran and Islam, Qur'an recitations 54554 with some hum AP-DNK

N4790.04 2328-2337* PAK 18+19-09 R Pakistan, Islamabad relaying Rawalipindi III Urdu/Arabic Extraordinary Ramadan programmes with muslim chanting, closed with Azad Kashmir song 45333 on 18-09, 32332 on 19-09 with some transmitter hum AP-DNK

4940 0005-0020 IND 20-09 AIR Guwahati Vernacular ann, Indian songs 32343 Utility QRM AP-DNK

6035 *0000-0010 BTN Bhutan Broadc. Sce, Sangaygang Dzongkha ann, Horn fanfares 34333 QRM Colombia 6035 AP-DNK

N6045 *1200-1300* D European Music R, via Juelich Su 16-09 English, oldies, many ID's and address, next broadcast maybe in DEC 55555 AP-DNK

6060 0040-0115 I 20-09 RAI, Prato Smeraldo "Notturno Italiano" in Italian with nice Italian songs e.g. "Quore di Mama mia", news in English 0103, French 0106 and German 0109 54554 Maybe it closes down 30-09 ??? AP-DNK

N15160 1150-1159* CLA We 19-06 R Mustaqbal, via Dhabbaya, UAE Somali talk and 2-note gong, songs from Horn of Africa, closed with spelling of SAIT (?) 35232 AP-DNK

N15215 0610-0612* CLA We 19-06 R Mustaqbal, via Rampisham, UK Somali closing ann and ID after song from Horn of Africa 35343 AP-DNK

15355 1715-1730 GAB Sa 15-09 R Japan, via Moyabi English "World Interactive" with DX-tips from Toshi Ohtake 33333 AP-DNK

15560 *1100-1150 CLN 20-09 R Free Asia, Iranawila Lao news and talks read by man and woman, interlude music, English ID at start 24333 AP-DNK

N17590 *0620-0647* CLA Mo 17-09 R Mustaqbal, via Dhabbaya, UAE Somali ann, song from Horn of Africa, talk and drums, children song, closing ann with ID 35333 ex 15455 AP-DNK

Best 73,

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