Dear DX-friends,

here are a few tips from Skovlunde from the past days. RX: AOR AR7030PLUS, ANT: 28 metres longwire in 9 metres altitude.

N4790.03 *2300-2337* PAK 21-09 R Pakistan, Islamabad relaying Rawalpindi III with special Ramadan programme before local sunrise, Call to Prayer, Qur'an recitations, talk in urdu, weak modulation 35242 AP-DNK

N9870 1640-1741* IND 26-09 AIR, Bangalore Hindi ann, film songs in Vividh Barathi this first day on their new frequency ex 10330. 53543 Strong QRM from VOIRI in Turkish also on 9870. AP-DNK

N15140 *1205-1233* CLA Sa 22-09 R Mustaqbal, via Meyerton, South Africa Rep. Somali ann, song from Horn of Africa, talk, closed with ID 35434 AP-DNK

N15160 *1130-1159* CLA Sa 22-09 R Mustaqbal, via Dhabbaya, UAE Somali ann after test tones and song from Horn of Africa, talk with frequent 2-note gong, music from Horn of Africa, noise on the frequency 23333 splashed from VOIRI in Arabic on 15150 AP-DNK

15560 *1100-1150 CLN 20-09 R Free Asia, via Iranawila English ID, Laotian news, interview and local song, not jammed 24333 . No signal on 9355 as scheduled. AP-DNK

Best 73,

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