Dear DX-friends,

I have been ill in most of October, but am now OK again and hope I can make the journey to Lugano next Thursday for the EDXC Conference.
Please excuse, if I have not been able to answer your e-mails.

Here are what I heard recently on my AOR AR7030PLUS with 28 metres of longwire out in my garden here in Skovlunde:

3926.14 0252-0310 CLA 26-10 R Voice of Kurdistan, No. Iraq Kurdish ann, Kurdish folksong, 0302 Martial song, 0305 clear Kurdish ID: "Era Radyo Dangi Kurdistana", fanfare and political talk 45434 until *0258 when Iranian jamming started, then 42432 AP-DNK

N3984.83 0256-0340 HRV 26-10 Hrvatski R, Deanovec Croatian ID's "Glas Hrvatski" and "Hrvatski Radio" on new frequency (ex 6165 at night ?), modern orchestra and songs, 0300 TS, interview about Dubrovnik, Mostar and Split, phone-in to "Radio Mostar" about Croatia and Bosnia-Hercegovina, Croatian pop songs 55544, not heard on 6165, but heard // but one second later on Zadar 1134 MW (54554) AP-DNK

4716.7 0055-0130 BOL 24-10 R Yura, Yura (p) Spanish talk by man and woman, utility QRM in LSB 24232 AP-DNK

N4895 2350-0038* and *0055-0100 (fade out) IND 17/18-10 AIR Kurseong Nepali (p) ann and native Asian songs in a very early broadcast, hymn by man and choir, flute, Indian recitations, 0035 talk, carrier stayed on the air 0038-0055 when the usual AIR IS and Indian hymn were heard 33333 QRM Mongolia AP-DNK

4920 *0014-0050 IND 22-10 AIR Chennai Tamil ann after AIR IS and Indian Hymn vy choir, ID's "All India Radio", Tamil songs, 0030 news in Tamil, 0033 string music, 0035 news in English, 0040 Tamil film songs 33343 QRM Tibet AP-DNK

4965 0125-0140 IND 24-10 AIR Shimla Sanskrit (?) talk (nx ?) about Bangladesh, Pakistan and India, 0130 ID: "Yeh Akashvani" and talk /news ?) in Hindi about Indonesia, 0035 ann, Indian string music 35333 AP-DNK

6335 0455-0510 IRQ 23-10 Voice of Iraqi Kurdistan, Salah al-Din Arabic news, Arab music - severe utility noise on the channel! 31341 AP-DNK

7260.0 *2300-2330 MNG 17-10 Mongoliin R-2, Khonkhor, Ulaanbaatar Mongolian ann after opening Horn music, talk (news ?) by man and woman, jingles, not // R-1 on 4830 // 4895, heard best in USB 22322 but QRM CRI in Spanish on 7250 and from *2330 CRI in Sinhala on 7260 // 6100 AP-DNK

9735 *0500-0510 CLA 23-10 Darfur Salaam, via Moosbrunn, Austria Arabic ID, mentioned BBC, jingle 35333 heard // 12015 (15222) AP-DNK

N9825 1350-1600* CLA 26+27-10 Miraya FM to Sudan relayed from unknown, powerfull transmitter English/Sudanese Arabic news, political comments and interviews, several ID's, many African pop songs in Sudanese Arabic and English, announced "9825 at 6 to 9 evenings Sudanese time", but that is 1500-1800 UTC! But it may well be true on their FM-transmitter. 55555 AP-DNK

N15645 *1500-1510 CLA We 24-10 Tensae Ethiopia Voice of Unity R (t) Warm-up tones, HOA flute and ID in Amharic (p) which included the word "..Democrasi...". Jamming started before the transmission itself! 33433 At 1557* the jammer signed off and the transmitter itself had already left the air. Ex 15660 ? AP-DNK

Best 73,

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