11092.5 (USB), R St. Helena, Pounceys, with 1000 Watts and using a 3-element monoband directional antenna. It is celebrating its special DOUBLE ANNIVERSARY year 2007, the 40 th anniversary of broadcasting for R St. Helena, and the 10 th shortwave transmision anniversary, with a very special R St. Helena Day 2007 world-wide SW broadcast on Saturday, December 15, 2007.

From UTC To UTC Target area
1730 1815 New Zealand
1815 1900 India
1900 2015 Japan
2015 2145 Europe
2145 2245 North America East
2245 2330 North America West
2330 0015 South America North
0015 0100 South America Central/South

There will be a VERY SPECIAL and beautiful full-colour QSL card issued by Radio St. Helena for this special DOUBLE ANNIVERSARY shortwave transmission. Only reception reports sent by regular mail will be accepted. Email-reports will not be accepted. Recordings are accepted but will not be returned.

Return postage is absolutely required: At least three valid IRC's (2006-2009), five U.S. Dollars or five Euro in banknotes to be sent ONLY to the following address: Radio St. Helena, P.O. Box 24, Jamestown, St. Helena IslandSTHL 1ZZ, South Atlantic Ocean. Watch our web page: www.sthelena.se/radioproject for more information.
Radio St. HelenaP.O. Box 24JamestownSt. Helena IslandSTHL 1ZZSouth Atlantic Ocean
With best greetings and wishes for good listening conditions,
Laura Lawrence Station Manager of Radio St. Helena Robert Kipp Special Assistant to Laura Lawrence Jamestown, St. Helena / Langen, Germany 08. October 2007

(Robert Kipp)

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