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Greetings to everyone !Today 31 October, wednesday, we have started our travel to see Radio Stations in Switzerland. Cloudy and foggy in Milano, some thin rain in Vercelli according to Roberto at 0745 local time.We have started our travel in Italian Canton Ticino area and we have been able to visit Radio Fiume Ticino located in Locarno and Radio 3iii located near Lugano.Our train departed from Milano Central Rail Station at 0930 hours. Cisalpino train directed to Basel, one of the big timetable electronic indicators put our train at track 18 and another put it at track 2, but I know the trains which go to Switzerland all departs from track 2..... but others tourists may have had ... some sourprise at track 18....hi!!! going to Ventimiglia instead of Basel !! hi.At track 3 it was departing a TGV to Paris, and the police controlled the passports & ticket train of passegers of this train ideas why ??May be Mr Zarkoshi asked this to the Italian autorihies ??? Please don't let pass "ROM" ! After a stop in Como and in Chiasso (soft control of Italian Finanza Guard "niente da dichiarare?" "Documenda !" )Chiasso rail station is one stop and the station is divided in 2 parts, another stop in Lugano (the station is under high works and only tracks 1-3 are operatives)Sunny day in Switzerland with blu sky and no winds, our final stop in Bellinzona, very modern and good rail station, with tracks so cleans you may eat on !!!! we are arrived at exact time.... Swiss rails are look like Swiss clocks ! hi!!!!In the iper clean rail station of Bellinzona we have put our two baggages at the outdoor baggage boxs.... but attention you need 6 Swiss Francs coins if you want to use that service. ( in Lugano it costs 7 Swiss Francs !!!!!)We have took the TILO S2 train from Bellinzona till Locarno, final stop and we are arrived at 1204 as scheduled. Here the WEB with Swiss trains time tables and informations Milano you may buy Swiss and German and Austrian tickets trains at shop office in Via Napo Torriani, 29 (MM Centrale) open monday till friday at 9-13/14-17 near the central rail station (corner Via Vittor Pisani).Locarno is a beautiful town on lake Maggiore, upper point of lake, and you see the opposite lake coast of Maccagno (Varese) there is also a local train from Locarno to Luino. A good WEB To find the streets in Locarno and other informations. Luckly we found a taxi outside the rail station (yes only one that moment) to go to Radio Fiume Ticino the commercial FM station of Locarno. However if are not in a hurry you need to keep BUS 10 or 32 or 36 !! all starts from Rail station.... or if you are in a hurry better to keep a Taxi... in 5 minutes you will arrive to Radio Fiume Ticino.their WEB is We had appointment meeting at 1230 hours with Duilio Parietti Responsabile Marketing & Oscar Acciari Direttore & Marcello Tonini Amministratore. The radio is located in a 3 floor building where is also located a young hostel for summer holidays, so we met at the enter door the Dj Matteo Vanetti, he also waiting for our arrival. The station is operating on FM from 1997, and has a Green Frog as mascotte. Frequencies cover almost all the Canton Ticino area 90,60 MHz Bellinzona (Before 1997 utilized by another local station Radio La Voce di Bellinzona... but closed for economical reasons, licenses in Switzerland is given by the Swiss Telecom.Other frequencies are 100,5 & 107,1 MHz for the Locarno area and 93,00 MHz for the area of Grigioni. The new information is the activation of a frequency for Lugano! on 99,00 MHz, TX San Salvatore, may be will be possible to get it also in Lombardia... even if Radio 105 utilize this channel for Milano. Here the details Radio Fiume Ticino SA, phone +41 91 756.15.85 Fax +41 91 756.15.87 Email : marketing@radioticino or Address : Via Varenna 18, CH-6600 Locarno. The station is interested for correct reception reports with audio clip and details of the program listened.We got old stickers, and more rare little stickers for internal use, fridge magnets featuring the Frog of the Lake ! the mascot of the station ! Pens in box ! post cards and 2 coffees drinks ! hi!!! We do also some photos you may look in the carpet photo of the travel.Mr. Duilio Parietti is many years active in the radio, in the 1976 he started Antenna Libera in Luino the first radio station in the area, and later he created Radio Leonia in Ponte Tresa (Italian border area) Very kind and friendly meeting, so we started our travel in the best way !!!! We had time to stay 20 minutes at the garden of the railroad bar under a shining sunshine !!! to eat a good ice coffee frappé... and listening a little in the FM band with my DEGEN 1103 with filters 80 & 110 kHz and with Roberto ATS 909 SANGEAN not modified.However we have remarked lot of RF noise even without the telescopic stilo outside the radio set. No time to do a complete FM bandscan.... but on 90.60 MHz good signal from Radio Fiume Ticino, so they have also a repeater on 90,60 MHz in Locarno area (but low power).Another TILO 2 train (look like a Metro train for local service) from Locarno took us again to Bellinzona in 25 minutes.... and here we waited 20 minutes to get TILO S1 to go to Melide (second stop AFTER Lugano rail station.) The sunny day offered the best view of the opposite coast of the Lugano lake, with Campione d'Italia little enclave with special territorial status. At 1531 in pefect time !!! ... we arrived at the little rail station of Melide, and after just 200 meters walk we found Tele Ticino building in VIA CARONA 15 and also the new building of Rdio 3iii which in april 2007 has moved to this place after having been in Mendrisio south to Lugano for almost 20 years !!!!!! . WEB Our friend Boris Piffaretti DJ voice and supervisor programs and live shows was standing at the reception, waiting for our arrival to do a complete visit to the studios. In 30 minutes we met Miss Lolly Dj and we do photos of the all computerized studio and large speakers room, the radio has news from Tele Ticino staff at '15 and '45 minutes. Boris is a big fan of the OFF SHORE stations in the north sea operating in the 60's. We got some old logo large stickers A5 size and little stickers. The plans are for new logo with connection of new joint venture with Tele Ticino. You may send reveption report to : Boris is interested to get reports with Audio clip, he reply with letter and gadgets.Ecco la storia di Radio 3iii:Radio 3iii nasce nel 1987 dopo circa sei mesi di prove tecniche di trasmissione, per iniziativa dell'imprenditore Bruno Baumgartner. Dopo 20 anni di trasmissioni dagli studi di Mendrisio l'emittente viene ceduta e da gennaio 2007, e diventa parte del gruppo di TeleTicino. Le trasmissioni dagli studi di Melide hanno inizio a fine aprile 2007. The address : R3iii - casella postale 372 / Via Carona 15 - CH- 6815 Melide phone : +4191 - 640.15.50 fax : +4191 - 640.15.59. email: or The frequencies 106.50 MHz Mendrisio & Lombardia, 106.80 MHz Lugano area I given to Boris a book featuring the story of Radio Luxembourg 208 and in axchange I got a giant plastic logo rectangular (2 meters ) the station had on the balcony in Mendrisio........ a great souvenir indeed for my collection. We said bye bye to the friendly Boris and Radio 3iii staff which you may listen also in Milano area on 106.50 MHz.(Boris program is monday to friday at 1200-1400 hours).Just another short walk to the little Melide rail station (only authomated ticket service and quite important remark NO EXIST TOILET !!!! At 1718 hours the air becomed more fresh and humid and our TILO EXPRESS arrived in perfect time (great Swiss service) and in 35 minutes we arrived again in Bellinzona. We found our 2 bags and after a coffe with amaretto the Express CIS Freccia Versilia from Livorno !!! arrived ... really incredible... At 2056 with ONE MINUTE of laterness ...hi!! we arrived in ZURICH In the train we had time to listen with ATS 909 and RDS helped to identify, among the others Radio LORA 97.50 MHz Zurich with ARABIC program !!! Radio Kanal K 94.90 MHz radio with Serbian language program !!! for details visit their WEB.We also listened to Radio Pilatus 104.60 MHz and to Radio Argovia 94.00 MHz and with good signals SWR 1 Baden Wuttenberg 87.90 MHz and also SWR 2 BWfrom Germany 92.00 MHz...they naturally have relay in the Zurich area.... Our Hotel Arlette just 500 metrs from Rail station but we utilized the Taxi cause we needed to ear time to go to eat.......Hotel Arlette Beim Hauptbahnhof Stampfenbachstrasse 26, 8001 Zurich The Hotel is very clean and the computer service at down floor is open 24 hours and cost 6 swiss may utilize many hours as you want !!!!!!!!!!So at 2130 hours we get a taxi to go to eat at a very top quality Italian Restaurant called FRASCATI located in BELLERIVESTRASSE 2 on the lake and with a great view (at night naturally not so much great ...) we got SPAGHETTI ALLA CARBONARA very well cooked ... and I got as second plate Gamberoni with salads and boiled potatoes. Price is bit high but the standard is very good !!! In the hotel the television is cable so we got 40 channels with selections from Germany, Austria, Italy and many international cables channels.So this conclude our first day travel ... and we may say the results has been 100% good respect our expectations...will continue soon ./.. AUFFIEDERSEN !!!DARIO & ROBERTO

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