Dear friends,

Here is what I heard after I came back from the EDXC Conference in Lugano here in Skovlunde on my AOR AR7030Plus with 28 metres longwire:

4366 1455-1533* CLA 07-11 Voice of Iranian Revolution, possibly via Northern Iraq Kurdish political talk, martial song, jammed 32332 heard // 3880 with weaker signal and also jammed (21221). Both jammers continued till after 1605 AP-DNK

4750 1430-1600* BGD 08-11 Bangladesh Betar, Khabirpur Bengali ann, folksongs, 1500 English ID, talk, folksongs, 1530 English news about Bangladesh, Japan, Pakistan and India, 1536 ID: "This is Bangladesh Betar giving you the news", 1545 political comment, Bengali song, ID at sign off 33333 QRM co-channel Qinghai PBS and weaker Voice of China AP-DNK

4760 1445-1540 IND 07-11 AIR Port Blair, Andaman and Nicobar Islands Hindi talks, 1530 Delhi news in English 33343 QRM probably from weaker AIR Leh which played Indian film songs and talkid in a different Indian language AP-DNK

4779.98 0200-0231* GTM R Cultural Coatán, San Sebastian de Coatán, Huehuetenango Spanish talk and instrumental music, closed with ID and music 25232 AP-DNK

4885.02 0215-0225 B 12-11 R Clube do Pará, Belém, Pará Portuguese talk mentioning Pará, advs, pop song 45333 AP-DNK

4915.0 2125-2140 B 11-11 R CBN Anhanguera, Goiânia, GO/R Dif. Macapá, Amapa Portuguese ann - one station with lively sports report, the other with dull programme of hymns and religious talk 32332 AP-DNK

4930 2135-2200 TKM 11-11 Türkmen R, Asgabat Turkmen talk mentioning Turkmen, 3 ID's: "Midas Radio...", audible in AM and LSB only 33333. Another Central Asian station was audible at the same time, maybe a spurious signal from another Türkmen programme which was not // 5015 AP-DNK

N5005.01 2145-2155 GNE 11-11 R Nacional, Bata back on the air Vernacular ann, Afropop 44333 QRM time signal station AP-DNK

6035 *0000-0010 BTN 11-11 Bhutan Broadcasting Service, Sangaygang Dzongkha ann, Horn fanfares, 0004 Buddhist monks intoning 34333 QRM Colombia AP-DNK

6220 2328-0012 PIR Fr/Sa 10/11-11 Mystery R English ID's "Mystery Radio", English pop songs 34333 AP-DNK

Best 73,

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