Happy New Year to you all!

Here are my latest tips from Skovlunde using an AOR AR7030PLUS with 28 metres of longwire:

N4810.06 2345-0115 IND 28/29-12 AIR Bhopal English/Hindi Two men reporting from Cricket match in Melbourne in early morning broadcast 24312 - best at the end // 4910 and 5040 AP-DNK

N4904.97 0645-0731* TCH 28-12 Rdif. Nat. Tchadienne, N'Djaména-Gredia French short ann and Afropop, audio faded out 0720, carrier was switched off at 0731* which corresponds to their schedule 25232 AP-DNK

4904.97 2115-2230* TCH 28-12 Rdif. Nat. Tchadienne, N'Djaména-Gredia French ann, Afropop, National Anthem 44444 AP-DNK

4965 0120-0200* IND 25+27-12 AIR Shimla Hindi (?) Slow Indian songs - stronger than Voice Africa, Lusaka + noise QRM, best in the most narrow bandwidth 33333 AP-DNK

4965 1420-1450 fade out IND 27-12 AIR Shimla Hindi (?) reports about the assasination of Mrs. Bhutto, songs of mourning 34333 increasing QRM Voice of Russia, Tajikistan AP-DNK

N4976 *0205-0225 UGA 27-12 R Uganda, Kampala Vernacular New s/on time, Afropop 34333 AP-DNK

4990.0 2335-2345 CHN 28-12 Hunan PBS, Changsha (p) Chinese talk, music 25222 AP-DNK

5010 0120-0215* IND 27-12 AIR Thiruvananthapuram Hindi/Malayalam phone in about the Tsunami 3 years ago // e.g. 4965, followed 0155 by own prohgramme with advs with some English words, sports news and closing ann mentioning frequency change 44343 AP-DNK

5030 0150-0200 BFA 25-12 R Burkina, Ouagadougou French phone-in programme in an extended Christmas Night broadcast - just like a year ago! 35343 AP-DNK

5040 1455-1545 IND 27-12 AIR Jeypore Hindi/English Reports about the assasination of Mrs. Bhutto, songs of mourning, 1530 English news about Mrs. Bhutto and Cricket results 34333 AP-DNK

6170 1255-1415 FIN 25-12 Scandinavian Weekend Radio, Virrat Finnish talk, pop songs 24242 // weaker 11720 AP-DNK

12015 1805-1830* CLA Tu 25-12 Voice of Meselna Delina, via WHRA, Greenbush, MA, USA Tigrinya talk about Eritrea, Christmas carol in English 33333 QRM Voice of Korea in English AP-DNK

15675 1410-1430* CLA Tu 25-12 Southern Sudan Interactive R Instructions, via Meyerton English lesson "Count to ten using your fingers" 45434 AP-DNK

Best 73,
Anker Petersen

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