Dear friends,

Here are my first loggings from new year on the AOR AR7030PLUS with a 28 metres longwire:

4845 0140-0200 MTN 05-01 R Mauritanie, Nouakchott Arabic late discussion, maybe because the International Motorcross was cancelled just before its start, because of a terrorist threat, Arab songs a capella, 0200 ID 55444. Also heard at scheduled morning programme 0635-0650 31-12 Arabic ann and Arab songs 35343 AP-DNK

N5815 1705-1729* CLA 30-12 R Racja, Sitkunai, Lituania Belarusian ann, Rap music 45444 AP-DNK

N5815 *2000-0003* DNK 30-12 FRS-Holland, via World Music R, Karup English/German test programme of pop music, many ID's, very poor reception probably due to deadzone 25222 AP-DNK

N6035 *0100v-0140 BTN 04+05-01 Bhutan Broadcasting Service, Sangaygang Dzongkha New s/on time (04-01 *0050), instrumental music, native songs, talk, programme about string music, 0130 intoning monks 34333 AP-DNK

6170 0940-1220 FIN Sa 05-01 Scandinavian Weekend R, Virrat Finnish ann, Finnish pop songs 35333 fading out AP-DNK

9290 0945-1000* LVA Sa 05-01 R Joystick, via Ulbroka German ann, pop music 45332 strong signal, but weak modulation AP-DNK

11570 *1600-1614* PAK 04-01 R Pakistan, Islamabad English news 25221 // 6240 very poor modulation on both channels AP-DNK

N15100 *0830-0940 PAK 05-01 R Pakistan, Islamabad Urdu Muslim greeting, news, childrens programme, modern music 55442 // 17835 (55432) Both poor modulation. No English broadcast as scheduled 0730-0830! AP-DNK

15100 *1100-1104* PAK 04-01 R Pakistan, Islamabad English news, poor modulation 35443 AP-DNK

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