Dear friends,
Here are what I heard around New Year on my AOR AR7030PLUS with 28 metres of longwire in Skovlunde:
3250.04 2335-2350* KRE 29.12 Voice of Korea, Pyongyang Japanese ann, Korean opera, closing ann 35242 AP-DNK
3815 (USB) 2105-2208 fade out GRL 29.12 KNR, Tasiilaq (USB) Greenlandic/Danish. Deep fades often of 10 minutes duration! Greenlandic talk and news, music, 2200 KNR jingle, news in Danish (?), poor modulation 25212 AP-DNK
3990 2305-2340 CHN 28+29.12 Gannan PBS, Tianshui Tibetan ann, music, talk - no longer relays CNR-8 (heard on 6010) 34443 QRM Croatia 3985 until strong Xinjiang open carrier signed on *2315, but Gannan could still be heard underneath AP-DNK
3990 *2330-2340 CHN 28+29.12 Xinjiang PBS, Urumqi Uighur IS, ID: "Sinkiang khalk radyo stanshi", string music, talk 44444 // 4980 (35434) AP-DNK
3995.0 1355-1455 INS 31.12 RRI Kendari (p) Bahasa Indonesia long talks, 1447 pop music 24222 QRM Xinjiang PBS 3990 AP-DNK
4790.07 0230-0240 PRU 02.01 R Visión, Chiclayo (p) Spanish talk, hymns by choir 23232 CODAR QRM AP-DNK
4905 1955-2232* TCD 29+31.12+01.01 R Chad, Gredia, N'Djaména French reports, conversation about N'Djaména, ID's, Afropop, closing ann, National Anthem 45434 From *2050 QRM Tibet. Extended service on New Year's evening with ann in Arabic 2254-2257, then French again: "Il est trois minutes jusque vers le Nouveau Ans", 2300 National Anthem, speech by the President (p), 2310 National Hymn and close AP-DNK
5009.94 2330-2400 ??? 31.12 UNID too weak to identify language, man and woman presenting a lively New Year Show with pop music 15221 disappeared 2400, maybe R Cristal, Dominican Republic ? AP-DNK
may be RTV Malagasy on new year extended schedule .....as past year.
5109.85 0050-0100* USA 29.12 WBCQ, Monticello, ME English ann, pop songs 25333. Transmitter off at start of Dan Lewis Show from R New York International 0100-0400 including inverview with Glenn Hauser. AP-DNK
9290 *1300-1500* LVA 30.12 RMRC, via Ulbroka German/English Last special programme from Ulbroka, ann, many pop songs, interview with Robert Kipp 25232 AP-DNK
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