Radio Afghanistan external service in English was observed on 6100 kHz at 15:30 UT today (26 October 2016) with very poor reception via a WebSDR remote receiver in Israel. It had disappeared from there when I checked again at 15:45; not sure if it had faded out or the transmitter had gone off air. Initially, I monitored the service via the live stream of Radio Kabul [Radio Afghanistan's local service for the capital] on the Radio Television Afghanistan website (http://rta.org.af), noting it announced 6100 kHz and Radio Kabul's 93.0 MHz frequency. An Urdu broadcast followed at 16:00 UT, announcing mediumwave and FM frequencies, but the stream crashed at 16:15 (and remains offline as of 17:30 UT) and nothing was heard on 6100 kHz, so I'm not sure when the programme finished. Recording (from the web stream) of the opening announcements of the English & Urdu programmes are on the Interval Signals Online website atwww.intervalsignals.net.
Segnalazione di Dave Kernik.

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