TOP NEWS ==== ZCZC 774 5/1 13.30 Unid con MX insuf/suff. 846 6/1 00.10 R. North - Redcastle EE MX gospel suff. 918 3/1 23.20 R. Inter - Madrid SS MX buono 1008 3/1 18.45 Unid in FF ERT Corfù???? suff. 1008 4/1 18.45 R. Girona - Catalano NX reg. Catalunya suff. 1008 5/1 04.10 ERT - Kerkira Greco MX buono 1350 31/12 00.30 R. Boa Vontade - Salvador PP MX suff. 1476 3/1 23.10 R. Marivan - Curdo MX suff. 1530 1/1 18.30 VoA - Sao Tome’ FF MX buono 1560 5/1 06.10 WFME - New York EE predica suff. 1566 3/1 23.15 R. Kolbe - Schio IT MX gregoriana buono 1575 2/1 11.10 RAI R.1 - Genova IT NX reg. Liguria buono 1602 2/1 23.34 R. Ontinyent - SS ID e pubblicità locale buono 1615 6/1 00.05 R. Barones - Dutch MX buono 1625 4/1 23.10 R. Pandora - Dutch MX suff. 1647 3/1 23.05 R. Armada - Dutch ID e MX suff. 3915 30/12 23.35 BBC - Singapore EE NX buono 4765 30/12 23.40 Tajik R. - Dushambe Tagico MX buono 4885 30/12 23.45 R. Clube do Parà - Belem PP MX buono 4980 30/12 23.50 WRMI - Miami EE MX MX orientale suff. 5825 5/1 14.05 OZ Viola - Hillerod Danese MX suff. 6180 31/12 00.10 R. Nac. Amazonas - Brasilia PP MX buono 6190 1/1 10.30 Techinische Man - Dutch ID e MX ottimo 6205 6/1 09.30 Laser Hot Hits - EE MX buono 6210 6/1 09.45 King SW - EE MX buono 6285 6/1 09.50 R. Rona Lisa - EE MX suff. 6305 6/1 09.35 R. Merlin Int. - EE MX suff. 6450 6/1 10.20 R. Readymix - EE MX buono 6747 31/12 15.30 R. Pioneer - EE ID e MX buono 9610 6/1 10.00 AWR - Firenze IT Obiettivo DX by Roberto Scaglione ottimo 9700 31/12 11.00 R. New Zeland Int. - Wellington EE Happy New Year suff NNNN ----



The Finnish DX Association wishes you all good DX for 2017. We also have the pleasure of inviting all DXers and shortwave listeners to join the jubileum European DX Conference to be held in Tampere, Finland on 18-20 August 2017. It is time to celebrate, as this year is Finland’s centennial and The European DX Council will have its 50th anniversary. The meeting will be organized by The Finnish DX Association (soon to be 60 years) and Tampereen DX-Kuuntelijat (local DX club celebrating its 50th anniversary). We will follow our tradition of successful EDXC conferences held in Finland in 1971, 1987, 1992, 2002 and 2008. So it will be three days of lots of program, lots of events and lots of fun.We plan to open the website of this conference during January. The website will be set to be a part of the FDXA website and when the conference site is open, a link “EDXC Conference 2017” will be found on the main page.The conference will start on Friday afternoon 18th of August and end on Sunday afternoon 20th of August. This time of summer is not anymore high-season in Finland, so if you like, you should be able to book extra nights pretty easily and with reasonable prices. Also a post-conference tour is planned. This would last a few days and the target would be Finnish Lapland including visits to the well-known LEM and AIH DX sites and also possibly including a visit to Nordkapp (the northernmost point of the European continent). If you are interested in joining this tour, please don’t make any flight bookings yet. The conference organizing committee has been set. The committee chairman is Risto Vähäkainu. You are welcome to address your special questions to rv at sdxl dot org. Hoping to see many many of you in Tampere next summer!
Risto Vähäkainu

images: Jan-Mikael Nurmela, Risto Vähäkainu, LEM DX-Pedition Blogs


SDXL/FDXA, Suomen DX-liitto - The Finnish DX Association
City of Tampere, read more in English, German, Russian and Finnish
Conference hotel: Varala Sports Institute / Varalan Urheiluopisto (address: Varalankatu 36, Tampere) Google Maps, read more in Finnish.

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