Since publication many DX groups and individuals offered to support this expedition which we highly appreciate. So far, the preparations are progressing smoothly and according to plan.Exchange of QSL cards with EP is not always going smoothly and sometimes high costs are involved to cover postal expenses. As in the past with previous Rockall DX Group expeditions we asked Tim M0URX to take care of the QSL chores for the EP6T operation. Together with Max ON5UR, responsible for the QSL card design and printing, they are a great team and without doubt you can count on a fast service. And, yes, the complete log will be uploaded to LoTW right after the expedition has ended. We would like to thank Dr. Azim Fard, Director General of the Communication Regulatory Authority (CRA) and amongst others is responsible for the radio amateur licenses in the I.R of Iran. Together with his team and the people of national security, he has made this expedition possible. This expedition stands for “friendship and cultural tolerance”.In a country with 80 million inhabitants and only 13 (!) radio amateurs, the user manual written and edited by Tony ON6TM will be a guide for students to learn the basics for their Ham radio ticket. Dr. Fard has confirmed his support towards amateur radio in Iran and is planning assessments at various locations across the nation. Since our last meeting in Tehran, already 300 candidates have announced their participation for these exams! The Rockall DX group has been granted permission to welcome the radio amateurs from Iran at the expedition location. Some of them will be right next to our side to learn the skills about pile-up handling and get some insight in station managing.Mohammad EP3MIR will be our guide and will also assist with local negotiations. Our pilot stations Bjorn ON9CFG and Floyd N5FG will work together with Theo ON4ATW and provide us with the necessary feedback. In the meantime we have our website up and running ! Feel free to visit us at www.rockall.be to meet our team and view our plans. Be sure not to forget to fill in our poll and leave a message @ the guestbook ! Or follow us on twitter @RockallDX or like us on Facebook Rockall DX Group
The Rockall DX group.
This article is published on the qrz.com page of EP6T.

Come previsto la spedizione dx
presso l'isola di Kish ha avuto un notevole successo in tutto il mondo, sia per la referenza IOTA che per il country Iran che potendo contare solo su 13 radioamatori su una popolazione di 80 milioni di abitanti non è molto presente on air e le spese postali richieste per ottenere la QSL cartacea ammontano a oltre 10 biglietti verdi. Il QSL manager della spedizione è M0URX ovvero il ben noto Tim Beaumont,sulla cui pagina potete vedere il tariffario. La singola QSL viene a costare i classici 2 dollari mentre per le multispedizioni sono previste altre tariffe. Sarà un po antipatico come discorso, ma è un dato di fatto che letariffe postali hanno subito negli ultimi anni notevoli rincari.  Ovviamente gli operatori di EP6T hanno operato in vari modi su tutte le bande e nel post possiamo proposrvi sia gli screen shot delle operazioni in RTTY che la clip audio delle operazioni in fonia sulla banda dei 21 Mhz.  Kish Island è un' isola del Golfo Persico situata a pochi chilometri dalla costa. Ha uno statuto di zona franca e quindi è un'isola di capitalismo all'interno della Repubblica Islamica, ha un turismo molto sviluppato ed è anche una importante piazza finanziaria dove si tratta petrolio e altre materie prime. Quindi chi avesse immaginato una spedizione avventurosa e irta di difficoltà si metta pure il cuore in pace :-)


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